Our Mission...

There are many aspects that comprise a community: residential, commercial, industrial, agriculture, natural resources, tourism, and recreational opportunities. Each of these are interdependent. Allowing one to outweigh another can throw everything out of balance. Maintaining that “balance” leads to a healthy, productive community that can grow and thrive without compromising its’ special attributes. A county with a sense of itself makes its people want to be a part of its development, giving all citizens a vested interest in the future.

Within Calvert County’s 140,000 acres, we truly have the “land of pleasant living”. We have abundant natural resources, offering many opportunities for tourism, recreation, and water-based businesses. Preserving our farms and forests in perpetuity offers a stable landscape that also contributes to our economic base. These features have enticed many people to call this place “home”. However, they also create challenges to planning for growth. Our major travel way splits the county and creates congestion as arterial roads feed into it. The topography also makes efficient planning difficult, as well as dealing with the many regulations we face with the Bay’s critical area.

Development, whether it be residential or commercial, needs to be compatible with these challenges and attributes, achieving balance without losing our sense of what Calvert County is.